Single or Taken? What a Claddagh ring says about your relationship status

Imagine what it would be like to experience every stage of love, loyalty, and friendship. The claddagh story is an Irish folklore steeped in romantic tradition.

A Claddagh Ring is an Irish ring that symbolizes friendship, loyalty and love. Did you know a claddagh ring is like a beacon announcing to the world your relationship status? The claddagh ring is basically the original Tinder before the days of digital dating. Irish tradition literally tells the wearers relationship status according to the direction the heart on the ring is facing. There has been much debate as to whether you can buy yourself a claddagh ring or it has to bee given as a gift. But learning the claddagh ring traditions and the correct way how to wear a claddagh ring is must for the health of your love life single or not.       

How do you wear a claddagh ring?

  • To wear a Claddagh ring on the right hand with the crown turned outwards, away from you indicates that the wearer is single.
  • To wear a Claddagh ring on the right hand with the crown turned inward, towards you symbolizes that the wearer is being courted in a relationship.
  • To wear a Claddagh ring on the left hand with the crown turned outwards, away from you indicates a romantic engagement.
  • To wear a Claddagh ring on the left hand with the crown turned inward, towards you on the left hand indicates marriage.

What are is claddagh tradition?

There is a claddagh tradition in Ireland. In Ireland it is traditional for mothers to hand down claddagh rings to their daughters. The Claddagh has been worn since Roman times! The beautiful meaning of the claddagh ring has made the claddagh ring a celebrated romantic gift for people of all nationalities. But none can argue that the claddagh ring holds a rather special meaning to those romantics of Irish heritage.

 Origin of the Claddagh Ring

It has been said that the traditional Irish Claddagh Ring dates back to the 17th century. As the Claddagh story goes it first came from the small fishing village of Claddagh in County Galway, Ireland. There are many folktales claiming the origin of the Irish Claddagh ring but the most popular story of the claddagh is about the Joyce family.

It is said the earliest known claddagh ring has the makers mark of a silversmith, what we now caller a jeweler by the name of Richard Joyce who worked during the 1700’s.  Irish legend says that Richard Joyce himself was the lad captured and enslaved by Algerians and sold to a Moorish goldsmith where he learned his craft of silversmiths.

How is the word Claddagh pronounce?

The Irish word Claddagh pronunciation is [klah-duh]. It is also called a fáinne Chladaigh in Irish or in Gaelic the Cladach pronounced [klad-ukh]. Pronouncing the word Claddagh is now more commonly pronounced without the Gaelic accent as simply [klad-uh].

What is the meaning of claddagh rings?

So what do claddagh rings mean? Irish or not, if you want to give a token of your friendship, love and loyalty that has meaning, the Claddagh rings may be the choice for you. Claddagh rings, are often mistakenly spelt Clatter Ring or Clodagh Ring, like it sounds (Irish: fáinne Chladaigh) is a traditional Irish ring. The Claddagh ring means eternal love, loyalty, and friendship. Claddagh rings consists of a heart with a crown held by two hands symbolizing love, loyalty, and friendship. Claddagh Rings have become a world-renowned symbol of love.

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We at The Irish Jewelry Company take pride in making the Irish gift giving experience modern and convenient. The Irish Jewelry Company celebrates their Celtic heritage and a love of Ireland through original Irish Jewelry design. Their beautiful Irish jewelry is steeped in Celtic symbolism and rich in Irish tradition.

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