Celtic Wedding Rings: The Ultimate Guide

Couples looking for a unique ring that is beautifully designed to represent their Celtic heritage , then a Celtic wedding ring is the perfect choice. Celtic wedding rings and Celtic Engagement Rings are steeped in history and romance. These traditional Irish rings feature intricate Celtic knot designs and have a way of capturing attention. WhatContinue reading “Celtic Wedding Rings: The Ultimate Guide”

The Meaning of the Celtic Triskele Wedding Ring

The Celtic Triskele Wedding Ring in 14K gold is inspired by the wonderful illustrations from the Book of Kells. This is a superior quality ring, with exquisite embossing and intricate Celtic triskele pattern flows seamlessly around the entire band. This is a great unisex Celtic Triskele Wedding Ring is made in comfort fit with aContinue reading “The Meaning of the Celtic Triskele Wedding Ring”

Traditional Ring Warming Ceremony Guide

A ring warming ceremony during an Irish wedding is typically performed in lieu of a unity candle ceremony. A wedding ring warming ceremony is an endearing way to include the bride and grooms friends and family in their beautiful nuptials. A ring warming ceremony involves passing your wedding rings around to your wedding guests toContinue reading “Traditional Ring Warming Ceremony Guide”

Claddagh Ring : The Rules and Meaning of the Claddagh Tradition Explained

To say that there are plenty of superstitions and myths surrounding the Claddagh ring is an understatement. Throughout the past 15 years as the leading Claddagh Ring jeweler online we have heard every question about the Claddagh ring meaning from our customers. We at The Irish Jewelry Company have compiled the top questions asked aboutContinue reading “Claddagh Ring : The Rules and Meaning of the Claddagh Tradition Explained”

The Romantic Translation of Mo Anam Cara: Pronunciation and Meaning of Mo Anam Cara

Mo Anam Cara translates loosely as “My Soul Mate” or “My Soul Friend“ Many people believe that the phrase Mo Anam Cara is translates to ‘my soul mate‘ but its accurately translates as ‘my soul friend‘ as anam is the Gaelic word for soul and cara the Gaelic word for friend. How do you pronounceContinue reading “The Romantic Translation of Mo Anam Cara: Pronunciation and Meaning of Mo Anam Cara”

The Irish Harp: Ireland’s National Emblem

Most people if asked what is the symbol of Ireland would probably answer the shamrock. But they would absolutely be wrong. The true symbol of Ireland is the ancient Irish harp. The National Symbol of Ireland The Irish Harp is the national symbol of Ireland. The traditional instrument is featured on Irish coins, the PresidentialContinue reading “The Irish Harp: Ireland’s National Emblem”

Popular Celtic Symbols and Their Mening

Celtic symbols have been rooted in ancient Celtic folklore derived from their love of agriculture and symbolism. The Celtic culture covers a large area Europe known as the Celtic Nations that have Celtic cultural customs until this day. The Celtic Nations include England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and the north pf France. The Celtic tribes livedContinue reading “Popular Celtic Symbols and Their Mening”

A Mothers Friendship, Love and Loyalty: The Mothers Claddagh

Mother’s Day is celebrated every year in the United States on the second Sunday of May. Mothers Day is an international holiday celebrating motherhood. It is the time to appreciate and honor all mothers and mother figures. Family members including their children and grandchildren give Mothers Day gifts, like motherhood jewelry, cards, flowers, candy. TheContinue reading “A Mothers Friendship, Love and Loyalty: The Mothers Claddagh”

The Celtic Mothers Knot: A Symbol of the Strength of Family

The definition of Family is – “the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children; also : any of various social units differing from but regarded as equivalent to the traditional family.” according to the Merrian Webster Dictionary. What is the Celtic knot for family? The Celtic symbol for family andContinue reading “The Celtic Mothers Knot: A Symbol of the Strength of Family”

The Celtic Mothers Knot: A Great Gift For Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! But this Mother’s Day feels different, special and her Mothers Day Gift should be special, too. Whether you’re celebrating yourself, gifting to that special mom or mother figures in your life finding truly one-of-a-kind item can make all the difference. Your mother is your best friend and certainlyContinue reading “The Celtic Mothers Knot: A Great Gift For Mothers Day”