Celtic Motherhood Symbols of Family

Celtic family life was especially important to the ancient Celts. The basic family unit of Celtic life was called the clan. The Celtic clan was virtually a tight extended family unit. Clans were compelled to associate loosely with other clans creating tribes. Each Celtic tribe had its own community structure, rules, and traditions, and theyContinue reading “Celtic Motherhood Symbols of Family”

Bridal Jewelry

Looking for Celtic and Irish bridal jewelry and bridal party gifts. We specialize in beautiful Celtic bridal jewelry, claddagh wedding ring, Claddagh Engagement Ring & Celtic engagement rings, Celtic bands, Celtic Wedding Ring Set, Celtic knot earrings and pendants perfect for any Irish bride and Irish groom. Claddagh Engagement Ring You can share your loveContinue reading “Bridal Jewelry”

Samhain Blessings, Spells and History

The Irish Jewelry Company's Blog The Celts celebrated Halloween as Samhain, ‘All Hallowtide’ – the ‘Feast of the Dead’, when the dead revisited the mortal world. The celebration marked the end of Summer and the start of the Winter months. During the eighth century the Catholic Church designated the first day of November as ‘AllContinue reading “Samhain Blessings, Spells and History”

Have you Ever Heard of the Legend of the Celtic Cat?

The Legend of the Celtic Cat In Celtic folklore there is a magical set of cats or “fairy cats”. In Scotland they are known as the cait sith. In Ireland they are called cait sidhe. Whether Gaelic or Scotch Gaelic they are both pronounced as “caught shee”. The cait sidhe aren’t your ordinary felines, theyContinue reading “Have you Ever Heard of the Legend of the Celtic Cat?”

The Celtic Origins of Halloween and Halloween Traditions

As children and adults around the world take part in the spooky festivities of Halloween on the night of October 31st, All Hallows Eve, few know of its ancient Irish Celtic roots in the Samhain (Samain) festival. Read more about Celtic Halloween Origins, Samhain Traditions, and Halloween Superstitions online at The Irish Jewelry Company. ShopContinue reading “The Celtic Origins of Halloween and Halloween Traditions”

Celtic Knot of Friendship Symbol and Meaning

The Irish Jewelry Company's Blog Irish Wit and Wisdom and The Strength of Friendship… There has been a very long standing Irish tradition and understanding of the beautiful power and strength of friendship. The bonds of a Celtic friendship are a very spiritual connection that emphasizes the mutual importance of truth and trust between twoContinue reading “Celtic Knot of Friendship Symbol and Meaning”

Celtic Cross Meaning and Symbolism

The Irish Jewelry Company's Blog The History, Meaning and Symbolism of the Irish Celtic Cross … The Celtic Cross often refereed to as the Irish High Cross is a renounced symbol of Celtic culture world wide. What is a Celtic Cross? The Celtic cross is one of the most revered symbols of Ireland and ofContinue reading “Celtic Cross Meaning and Symbolism”

Ireland is Known for Handcrafted Irish Jewelry

The Irish Jewelry Company's Blog Many people and tourists to Ireland often wonder about the local crafts the country is famous for creating. Ireland is famous for a variety of crafts including wool sweaters and its famous world-renowned Irish Jewelry. What jewelry is Ireland known for? Ireland is known for beautiful Irish Jewelry. Irish jewelryContinue reading “Ireland is Known for Handcrafted Irish Jewelry”

Designing Irish Jewelry for Future Generations After a Pandemic

The Irish Jewelry Company's Blog Jeweler crafting jewelry on his workbench The pandemic has changed many peoples shopping habits and has solidified people’s confidence in eCommerce. Today more people are turning to online stores like the Irish jewelerThe Irish Jewelry Company for that unique piece of sentimental Irish Jewelry for that special occasion during theseContinue reading “Designing Irish Jewelry for Future Generations After a Pandemic”

Irish Wedding Traditions and Superstitions

The Irish Jewelry Company's Blog Irish wedding traditions date far back in history and many have survived in one form or another today. These Irish wedding traditions were rooted in nature came from folklore and superstitions for generations. passed on generations. Today Irish couples around the Beauty wedding bouquet with different flowers in hands. worldContinue reading “Irish Wedding Traditions and Superstitions”