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Irish Christmas Traditions

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irish christmas traditions

Ireland is a magical country, filled with tradition and folklore dating back many years. Christmas in Ireland is an especially magical time of year. Many Irish Christmas traditions have become part of the Christmas celebration of many nationalities and have made their way into main stream American Christmas customs.

In Ireland people say “Nollaig Shona Duit” pronounced NO-Lihg HO-nuh ghwich. This Irish Christmas greeting literally translates to Happy Christmas.

One beloved Irish Christmas tradition is that of the Christmas plum pudding. The traditional Irish Christmas plum pudding has had humble beginnings. Plum pudding was originally a porridge flavored with scraps of leftover meat or fish, thickened with bread crumbs and bound together with eggs, fruit and spices. During the Tudor and Stuart period in England, dried prunes were added to the pudding mixture which became known as a plum porridge. Eventually becoming called plum pudding.

Another very common…

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Irish Christmas Traditions

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irish christmas traditions infographic Like most countries, #Ireland has many of it’s own wonderful #Irish #Christmas traditions. Ireland’s Christmas traditions that have survived to modern times are steeped in Celtic culture and religious faith. Some of our favorite Irish Christmas Traditions are placing a candle in your homes window, the Laden Table, St. Stephens Day, Plum Pudding, and Women’s Christmas. Read more about this treasured Irish Christmas.

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Men’s Celtic Jewelry

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Men's Celtic Jewelry

Mens Celtic Black Claddagh

Our Mens Black Celtic Claddagh is a handsome claddagh pendant. This circular mens claddagh necklace with it’s rich texture accented by black enamel gives it a bold, fresh modern feel. Pledge your eternal friendship, love and loyalty with this gorgeous men’s claddagh necklace.

Celtic Cross Ring

Our Celtic Cross Ring is magnificent and bold. Legend says St. Patrick, while preaching Christianity drew a cross through a Celtic circle symbolic of the moon Goddess. Hence the Celtic cross was born. Today the circle of the cross is viewed as a symbol of God’s endless love. This handsome Celtic cross ring is perfect any Celtic lad or Irishman.

black and gold celtic cross

This handsome Black and Gold Celtic Cross Necklace is a rocking tribute to ones Celtic heritage and faith.

Aran claddagh band

This Aran Claddagh Rope Band is a finely crafted Irish master piece accented in all sterling silver. This designer claddagh wedding band is inspired by the warmth of the Irish wool…

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Celtic Lovers Knot Jewelry – Celtic Lovers Knot Heart Necklace

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via Celtic Lovers Knot Jewelry – Celtic Lovers Knot Heart Necklace.

Celtic Lovers Knot Heart

Our Celtic Lovers Knot Heart in two toned sterling silver and gold is brilliant. The unbroken lines of the love knots that resemble two entwined hearts symbolize eternal lifelong love.

  • Our Celtic Lovers Knot Heart is sterling silver with yellow gold plating.
  • The Celtic Lovers Knot Heart measures approximately 24mm.
  • It comes on a sterling silver 18 inch chain.

Exclusively by The Irish Jewelry Company

Every jewelry gift from The Irish Jewelry Company comes gift boxed in our signature style, a simple white glossy gift box sealed with a satin emerald green ribbon and our gold label. Included at no additional charge is an Irish Blessing, toast or story card. If this is a gift included at no additional charge is a card for the recipient, hand written for that extra personal touch.

This design and its…

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